Latitude: 40??11'22.03"N

Longitude: 93?? 7'51.74"W

1 mile off of State Hwy 5 & 6 in Milan, MO, (Sullivan County) which is in the North Central part of the State.

Approx. 120 miles northeast from Kansas City, MO, Approx. 120 south/southeast of Des Monies, IA and 32 miles west of Kirksville, MO on State Hwy 5 & 6.

State Hwy 5 & 6 goes around Milan, their are 3 exits into Milan, State Business Hwy 5 on the north end, State Hwy E in the middle and State Business Hwy 5 on the south end. Lakeview is located on Infirmary Rd in between State Hwy E and State Business Hwy 5 (south end). Just one mile off State Hwy 5 & 6. The Milan Christian Church sign is next to Infirmary Rd.